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Multidisciplinary Neurotrauma treatment - Panel Discussion about clinical reality and implementation strategies

ON DEMAND Published on November 14, 2023 at 08:00 - 09:00 CET
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Multidisciplinary neurotrauma treatment, which includes all the different medical specialties responsible for long-term recovery, are considered the gold standard in this field of medicine. But what is the status quo of clinical implementation and how can clinicians involved in this recovery chain work together regularly and intensively to ensure the best possible outcome for patients?

This webinar, moderated by Dr. Johannes Thome, psychiatrist from Rostock, Germany, aims to discuss the current obstacles to the implementation of optimal therapy, with a focus on possible solutions to overcome them. The discussion partners are Dr. Katarzyna Kotfis, anaesthiologist from Poland, Dr. Andrij Huk, neurosurgeon from Ukraine, Dr. Peter Lackner, neurologist from Austria and Dr. Katrin Rauen, physician for neurorehabilitation in Germany.

Duration: 60 minutes

Languages: Webinar will be held in English language incl. subtitles if requested. Furthermore Russian and Ukrainian simultaneous translation will be offered.


Katarzyna Kotfis

Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Therapy and Pain Management, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin, Poland

Peter Lackner

Head of Department of Neurology, Clinic Floridsdorf, Vienna, Austria

Andriy Huk

AMN Steering Committee member in Ukraine, Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery, Kyiv, Ukraine

Johannes Thome

Clinic and Policlinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University of Rostock, Germany

Katrin Rauen

Head Physician for Neurorehabilitation, Psychiatry, Psychotherapy & Psychosomatics, Neurological Rehabilitation Center Godeshöhe, Bonn, Germany