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Innovative strategies to advance severe TBI treatment

ON DEMAND Published on October 12, 2021
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Until the advent of the successful CAPTAIN-trials with Cerebrolysin, one of the most important unmet needs in medicine has been the treatment of severe and moderate traumatic brain injury with evidence-based pharmacological agents.

Our speakers will present to you with innovative preclinical and clinical treatment concepts for severe TBI patients, innovative educational programs focusing on this highly complex medical problem and innovative biometric approaches solving the historical trial design failures in TBI trials.


Johannes C. Vester

Head Biometry & Clinical Research
IDV Data Analysis and Study Planning, Gauting, Germany

Helmut Trimmel

Head of Anaesthesia, Emergency and General Intensive Care Medicine

Landesklinikum Wiener Neustadt, Austria

Ignacio J. Previgliano

Hospital General de Agudos J. A. Fernández
Buenos Aires City – Argentina

Peter Lackner

Head of Department of Neurology, Clinic Floridsdorf, Vienna, Austria


This webinar is hosted by

Johannes C. Vester
Head Biometry & Clinical Research<br /> IDV Data Analysis and Study Planning, Gauting, Germany

New vistas in TBI clinical research - on the way towards a new gold standard
by Johannes C. Vester

Best supportive care in TBI: new hope from combined neuroprotective agents?
by Helmut Trimmel

Post Intensive Care Syndrome: neurotrophic factor hypothesis
by Ignacio J. Previgliano

Innovative concepts for increasing awareness of multidisciplinary treatment after TBI.
by Peter Lackner