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Acute and longterm neurorecovery after TBI

ON DEMAND Published on May 18, 2021
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Traumatic Brain Injury is often called a “silent epidemic” often affecting younger patients with devasting and longlasting complications.

It is therefore great news for the medical community involved in the treatment of TBI patients when significant advances can be reported in clinical research which can improve the longterm recovery results for these patients.

Listen to highly interesting presentations about advances in neuroscience and clinical medicine in TBI care, particularly about the results of the CAPTAIN trial series and follow a panel discussion on modern TBI treatment strategies.


Michael Chopp

Peter Lackner

Head of Department of Neurology, Clinic Floridsdorf, Vienna, Austria

Christian Matula

Professor and Vice-Chairman Department of Neurosurgery, Medical University of Vienna, Austria


This webinar is hosted by

Pieter Vos

Exosomes mediate the therapeutic benefit of Cerebrolysin for TBI
by Michael Chopp

Advances in acute Neurotrauma treatment
by Christian Matula

Long-term neurocognitive consequences of TBI – The CAPTAIN-trials
by Peter Lackner